Dave Feldman LDL Mortality NHANES

Cholesterol and Mortality – Shocking Analysis Raises Interesting Questions!

Well there was certainly a surprise in store for us all in Utah when we saw the data from Dave Feldman’s latest talk – well, to many of us!

I’ve tagged the video to the crucial point where Dave reveals the associations between high LDL and All-Cause Mortality (and even Cardiovascular Mortality).

Prepare to be shocked. Especially if you are a Lipidologist, this could be the most unsettling 15 minutes of your life…

don’t say I didn’t warn you!

p.s. to the whiners – yes we KNOW it’s associational data – duh. But you gotta explain it just the same – anyone for a game of reverse-causality then, eh? 😄)

p.p.s. Do not mix up the discussion of this data with discussion of lipid-lowering drugs – the latter have demonstrated CVD-lowering effects through plaque stabilization mechanisms, lowering of LDL substrate and/or oxidized LDL in a challenged/diseased system, also positive effects on multiple inflammatory pathways etc.

Brings back fond memories of my earliest lectures, especially this segment:

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