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Dr. Gearoid O’Laoi Irish Pathologist – on strategies to achieve health Podcast Ep14

Dr. Gearoid O’Laoi is an Irish doctor and Histopathologist who embraced #LCHF 5 years ago – to amazing effect. He is extremely well-researched and shares many insights in our rambling conversation(!).
Gearoid is also a proponent of the Calcium Scan, with a zero score at 63 years of age. He has seen much calcium buildup in the many autopsies he has conducted, and knows the power of the scan to save lives, if only it was widely deployed.
The best place to catch up with Gearoid is on Twitter: @Gearoidmuar

AUDIO PODCAST:–Gearoid-OLaoi–Irish-Pathologist—on-strategies-to-achieve-health—Podcast-Ep14-e3h0em


00:01:08 Intro

00:02:09 Bias in science and data – associations versus experiments – doing it right

00:10:36 Vegans, meats and fats – a chat on some of the studies

00:17:15 Israelis and Omega Six fats, sugar and sat fats, ApoE4 exceptions

00:21:40 Fat fathers and the secrets of losing weight

00:28:24 Depression lifts with low carb, meat and veg…

00:33:19 Cheeses, Terrines and Cholesterol effects

00:35:49 Atherosclerosis mechanisms – and why it appears in specific spots in arteries

00:40:46 Blood Pressure, salt effects – and bears in winter

00:46:08 Sugar, Fructose and the Obesity Trigger

00:48:22 LDL particles versus Insulin, Metabolic Syndrome and the primary root causes

01:00:10 Using your Gut – and the practice of Proctology

01:01:29 Limitations of the human brain in screening pathology samples; cancer – and Legionnaire’s Disease

01:10:43 Avoiding sickness – the importance of a healthy, nutrient-dense diet

01:14:27 Atheroma, calcification, sugar and smoking

01:23:40 Atherosclerosis, calcification, exceptions that prove the rule, Type 1 Diabetes fixes

01:29:02 Some amusing anecdotes to finish – and James Joyce

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