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Dr. Jay Wortman On Reversing Diabetes And More. Podcast #3


00:00:48  Jay puts his newly-discovered Type 2 Diabetes into remission and starts losing weight with ease – after solving the problem from first principles

00:07:32  The challenge with mainstream high-carb dogma; dieticians behaving badly

00:12:06  Fixing what is essentially a “food intolerance”, and revising the guidelines so that all may benefit

00:20:06  Cholesterol “hyper-responders” – whether to worry about LDL rising on Low Carb

00:23:37  Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC), versus the “surrogate” blood test markers

00:25:57  The slow-motion tragedy of modern food destroying indigenous populations

00:31:48  Rodents or humans – it is diet which drives most disease

00:41:51  Insulin and Leptin

00:47:11  The people are at fault – due to laziness and gluttony?  Addictive-substance challenges  in the obesity and diabetes epidemic

00:56:17  Tinfoil Hat time – the realities of corporate business practices in the recent decades…

01:02:51  Add in the Vegan agenda to confuse things further

01:15:10  Crippling costs, the wisdom of the people and changing the guidelines; towards a tipping-point


Dr. Wortman has worked in family medicine, public health, medical administration and research. He has held senior management positions in Health Canada in Ottawa and Vancouver. For the past 15 years he has worked with low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet in both the research and practice settings. One of his studies was the subject of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary film, “My Big Fat Diet”. Dr. Wortman is a frequent presenter on the benefits of a low carbohydrate high fat diet at scientific meetings and continuing medical education events. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Atkins Nutritionals Inc. Dr. Wortman currently practices in West Vancouver where he uses a low carb high fat diet for the treatment of metabolic and inflammatory conditions.

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