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Ep 136: Dr Donal Collins and Gabor Erdosi Fixing Health – via INSULIN!

Dr. Donal Collins is a super-smart UK GP (family doctor) – today we have a super discussion on his highly successful Virta-style T2 Diabetes remission program! We have Donal and Gabor to explain the approach and the new Insulin Testing Meters – available now for consumer as well as desk-top machine for doctors/clinics etc. Our special guest is a patient who had a very interesting experience with the program – watch and learn! 🙂



00:07 Matt’s Personal Patient Experience

07:30 Donal presents Mt Kraft Curve

20:00 Gabor and Donal on measurement core

35:00 Donal showing the measurement equipment and curves

45:00 Ivor & Gabor on the market availability

55:00 Gabor on the laser lancet

56:00 Donal announcing Clinics

1:03:50 Donal & Ivor Call to arms

1:05:40 Ivor on Insulin Meter availability and Voucher Code

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