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Ep 49 Ivor Cummins at Carbery Irish Farming Event – Tackle Heart Attack Risk with Real Foods

Latest public talk (a punchy one with a lot crammed into the 15 minute slot), this time in the lovely country of Clonakilty, West Cork in the South of Ireland.  Excellent leadership from Enda Buckley and the Carbery Group management team to launch this initiative to support farmers in achieving better health and productivity, and great job by Orla Hurley in managing all of the logistics. The event featured 4 more speakers on health, safety and productivity educational topics. Nearly 200 farmers and family members attended to make it a full room on the night in the beautiful Fernhill House Hotel.

As mentioned this talk was a tight one, and compresses the core messages on heart attack risk identification – and of course prevention – into 15 short minutes. This may be an ideal one to share with busy friends, family and medical practitioners who often don’t have time for the long ones!

Great conversations after the event included one with a 53 year old Cork man who had found my content and IHDA only a short while ago, and was delighted to be able to come and talk about his recent high score – and what he was doing about it. An all too familiar case, he had been told for years that he had no worries on the heart attack front, as he clearly had “low cholesterol” – fantastic, eh?  But in reality he was a classic TOFI case – slim, with low LDL…but you only find the disease when you actually look inside. And now he’s all over it – great stuff.

So in closing, is real food from the Irish farmers part of this health story? For sure it is – farmers are essentially “in the human health business” – perhaps more than they fully realize at times.

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