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Ep106-2: A Scientific Formulation to help Fix Your Arteries!

Warren went from being the incredibly fit 70 year old you see in the photo – to flat on his back in the ICU at 72, after getting his ruined heart valve replaced. In spite of his health expertise, Warren was caught out by the invisible buildup of serious calcification.

In this episode we reveal how Warren went about fixing his arteries. So, so many people email and message me asking about vitamins/minerals/nutraceuticals – well guys, this is my final word on the matter. Crucial are the diet and lifestyle changes as laid out in myself and Dr. Gerber’s book, but here in this formulation is what I am now taking as my “preventative medication”.

If you wish, the formulation is available worldwide from here – use code “IvorCX8” for the discount :

Full details of all components below – you can source any or all yourself – up to you!

1. Tocotrienols (my interview and white paper):

2. K2 MK7 (my interview and other resources):

3. CardiOmegia (my interview and other resources):

4. CyanthOx (my interview and other resources):

5. Nattokinase (comprehenive white paper):  Nattokinase – A Promising Alternative in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

6. Rutin (sample paper):  The Pharmacological Potential of Rutin

7 & 8. Vitamin D3 and NZ Extract – see website:



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