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Ep122 Heart Attack Victim is doing superbly – how did he Fix the Issue?

We check back in with Mark Felstead on how he’s been doing – and he’s been transforming himself! He had got hammered by The Widowmaker itself – kept alive by his sports mates, and in a coma for 10 days. He now has a passion to help others!

Mark has been delighted with the CX8 Cardio supplement I helped design – if you wish, the formulation is available worldwide from here – use code “IvorCX8” for the discount :

Full details of all components below – you can source any or all yourself – up to you!

1. Tocotrienols (my interview and white paper):

2. K2 MK7 (my interview and other resources):

3. CardiOmegia (my interview and other resources):

4. CyanthOx (my interview and other resources):

5. Nattokinase (comprehenive white paper):  Nattokinase – A Promising Alternative in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

6. Rutin (sample paper):  The Pharmacological Potential of Rutin

7 & 8. Vitamin D3 and NZ Extract – see website:


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