Ep68 Dr. Paul Mason – Fascinating Discussion on Avoiding Viral Impacts – Crucial Info!

This was a great conversation. With none other than Dr. Paul Mason from Australia – yep, the smartest doc in the room!
Science has never been so fascinating or so damn useful! Dr. Mason’s recent talk and references here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWz_nlAVeIw
Find out all about what makes you highly resilient against this virus – it ain’t too hard to make yourself a near-bulletproof ancestral human…
Dump the sugars, refined carbs and factory seed oils i.e. ultra-processed foods – and BOOM! Within days your immune system will start kicking some serious ass. Do you think evolution was an idiot? Hell no – get with the evolutionary vibe, and start taking this thing on the chin!

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