Ep79 New Study on Vitamin D, UV and Latitude – Powerful Effects on Viral Dangers???

Episode 79 reveals the more nuanced interactions between Vitamin D, Latitude, UV and the impacts of Covid19 on different countries around the globe. Note that there’s more to the sun than Vitamin D – there’s Nitric Oxide and more too!
We know that there is a strong seasonal effect with Covid19 already:
– Northern Hemisphere (Europe/USA) hit really hard coming out of their winter
– while Southern hemisphere (Australia/NZ) getting away with incredibly low impacts.
But what about countries near the equator – what will happen to them – and WHEN?
Rahul KM ( Rahul Thondan) Faculty of Economics & Business, Goethe University – Frankfurt
Contact : rahulkm85@gmail.com
Rahul on Twitter here – follow him!  https://twitter.com/rahulthondan

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My recent Vitamin D Risk Podcast below – with the solutions:

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