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Ep83 – Professor Subbotin: LDL Cholesterol Invades Your Arteries – Bad Science or What?

Okay this is a big one – a really big one. Have we all been fooled for decades?

Professor Vladimir Subbotin has published multiple papers on his groundbreaking hypothesis, which turns the LDL / ApoB /LDLp dogma on it’s head.

Do LDL particles really invade your artery wall – attacking from the very blood that is flowing through your arteries? Maybe there’s a little of inside-out going on, and a lot of outside-in? Note that Subbotin’s hypothesis is not PROVEN – for example there may be early deposition from lumen side, with the adventitial VV being far more important in the milieu nonetheless. Also, even if early deposition from the lumen side does occur – it is still only because of the Root Causes we list! So it’s still moot in any case! 😉

Or is this hypothesis completely incorrect – and not in line with the actual science and pathology of Atherosclerosis?

Find out in this fascinating Episode!

Subbotin’s most recent paper on the hypothesis:


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