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Extra Time Movie Splash

Extra Time Movie now released: Enjoy, Learn – and Please Help us to #SHARE!

Greetings All

Hope everyone is well during these challenging times. That said, we need to keep focusing on general and heart health like never before. To that end, our Extra Time movie has now been released for all to view,  streaming or download. It’s not just a Low Carb movie – it’s a “call to action” movie. Cholesterol is dead – blood sugar control and nutrient-dense food is the future. We follow an Irish sporting hero as he becomes a genuine hero in another way – by identifying, tackling and ultimately conquering his extensive heart disease.

You can stream or download the movie below – thanks for your support:


Trailer below:

EXTRA TIME – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Prime Movement on Vimeo.

What Paddy did to be successful will be dramatically revealed – and it is all very relevant even to this current situation the world finds itself in.  Remember that the overwhelming majority of serious Corona cases…share the metabolic issues that drive heart disease.  Hypertension, Blood Glucose & Insulin problems and all the rest. The time to act is NOW.

Extra Time Movie Splash
Extra Time Movie Splash


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