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Fat Emperor Update

Fat Emperor Update – Subscriber Newsletter on the Way

Hey all

Finally getting to starting up a weekly newsletter before end of October; it’s been on the cards for some time, but too busy and all that stuff!

There is an interesting adverse situation developing in 2019, with search engine algorithms and social media giants de-rating unorthodox viewpoints in medicine and nutrition. This strategy was originally aimed at suppressing crazy “conspiracy theories”, and misleading/harmful financial or medical content (fair enough I guess). But it’s increasingly apparent that collateral damage has become widespread – undermining free discourse and discussion of alternative interpretations from the scientific literature. For instance, claiming that industrial vegetable oils may be harmful, or that cholesterol is not a dominant cause of heart disease…may fall foul of the suppression algorithms. Or indeed censuring can occur via sadly biased human interpreters of any flagged content.  Therefore it is increasingly important to get on emailing lists for awareness of the latest science. For interested parties, I have just one ask: to pop to the following link – and sign up, all free, and no BS stuff ever. By doing so and sharing widely, you’ll be helping to keep the progressive science show on the road 😃

I assure you that weekly newsletters will be pretty short and sweet, but with very salient compressed content:  the latest news/controversies, interesting studies released, informed interpretations of same, free podcasts newly accessible etc, and other juicy tidbits.

Just released a mini newsletter to test the email list system, see below; future ones will be more comprehensive for sure! But please do consider availing of the free online Diabetes Essentials seminar highlighted. Loads of excellent speakers recorded at the Low Carb Denver 2019 and elsewhere, with a huge range of valuable insights…and of course – FREE!

Greetings All

Just a note to let you know about some upcoming online events where I will be featured as one of the expert speakers. Needless to say, I’ll be giving some pithy and direct information about the best preventative screening technologies; also blood test information – and how to address your chronic disease risk most effectively!

The first one to note is Dr. Brian Mowll’s The Diabetes Essentials Masterclass from Nov 2nd-11th. It’s packed with many experts covering myriad aspects of voiding or dealing with the disease – including yours truly. You can register now and pick up some free stuff at the following link:  Diabetes Essentials Free Registration 

The second event is being led by Washington professor and Food Anthropologist Dr. Bill Schindler and it begins on 28th Oct. My featured interview with Bill focuses on cholesterol, fats and atherosclerosis – a lively conversation indeed!  I’ll be sending out links next week when Dr. Schindler’s system opens…

Other key news is that the website has been further streamlined to deliver the best information on identifying and preventing heart attacks. The interactive register of the world’s CT Scanning centers to get your CAC score has been expanded and greatly improved – just go to the “Scan Centers tab linked here. Now there’s no excuse not to Know Your Score!  

 PLEASE help us by sharing the website with anyone you know who wants to avoid a premature heart attack – only by sharing actively, can we truly save the most at risk!




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