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Heart Attack Prevention. Dr. Scott Murray Cardiologist #2

Dr. Scott Murray is a research cardiologist with exceptional experience in interventional and preventative cardiology. He is a particular expert in the field of cardiac imaging and has published many papers on the compelling findings from both his invasive and non-invasive studies. Dr. Murray is the current president of the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR).

I met Scott at the Johnstown estate in County Meath, Ireland, where I had just addressed the National Institute of Preventive Cardiology of Ireland (NIPC) conference (before participating in an on-stage debate about saturated fat and nutritional guidelines – that was fun, as you can imagine!).

Scott and I took the time out to have a quick chat while our wives walked in the extensive hotel grounds. We focused particularly on the latest 2018 American College of Cardiology (ACC) cardiovascular disease guidelines – which have recently given a coveted “2A” evidence level rating for the use of Coronary Artery Calcium scoring (CAC). We also cover several other topics around cardiac Imaging – such as CAC versus CTCA, ability to detect “soft plaque” using CAC – and of course what all the numbers mean for risk of heart attack and all-cause mortality.

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