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“How Sleep the Brave” – my Pilgrimage to Bovington Tank Museum, UK.

A very special day for me today – very special. I visited the place of my heroes (I’m a World War 2 buff).

So special. And it grieves me awful sore how the society of today desecrates their memory, falling for a Flu D’Etat shell-trick that a cowardly monkey could have worked out. God bless the men and women of WW2. And eternal shame on their descendants who are handing our freedoms now to a corporate/political monster – a medical tyranny, an abomination – complete with totalitarian ID permits.

Those of you who support the Corporate-led Coronapyschosis truly micturate on their memory – and history will never forget your gullibility, and indeed your rank cowardice. You are propelling us into an end of Western freedoms, which millions valiantly and selflessly died for. Shame on you all.

First a quote from half a millennium ago, so relevant today:

What follows are three pictures of Hitler’s horror – witness first the terrifying child from Hitler’s brain, the Tiger Tank with 88mm cannon:

And the most horrifying beast of all, the Tiger II or “King Tiger” – 70 tons of death, again armed with the monstrous 88mm main cannon – effectively invincible to Western tank ordnance. My youngest of 5 children gives it scale:

The killer fixed-turret model of the Jagdtiger (built on the King Tiger chassis) – a low-profile destroyer of Western forces, aimed via the tracks

And the most successful tank of WW2 in many ways, the Russian T34 – hero of the Battle of Kursk:

Finally the US Sherman – they blew up like tinder in many instances, their heroes inside torched (petrol powered and light armour) – but their numbers won the day, though at huge human cost:


How sleep the brave. And how our society now falls for corporate shell-tricks – and abuses their memory, selling our children into a form of globalist slavery.


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