Ep39 Ivor Cummins on Stopping and Reversing Heart Disease at #RFR19

My short talk from https://realfoodrocks.co.uk/  in the UK – #RFR19. Big thanks to Dr. David and Jennifer Unwin for an amazing event with ~700 people in attendance in Brathay Hall Estate, Lake District. Due to constraints in the room size, in the the end I had to deliver the talk three times over the course of the day, and each time there was standing room only (see pic below :-). It was really great to see so many people wanting to take control of their heart health.
Hope you enjoy, and remember that you gotta “Know Your Score!”

Go to https://ihda.ie/ to get the latest on preventing heart attacks. It’s crucial information for everyone, so please share the website as widely as possible – thanks!

Standing room only on the second delivery of the day:  😃

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