Low Carb International All Stars - 2020

Low Carb International All Stars Interactive Conference – 20th June, just $20!

Don’t miss this one!  All of the best, with multiple timezone Q&A sessions – all for $20. Huh – $20? Wow… 😉

I’ll be explaining how LDL particles may not be doing what everyone thinks they are doing – very new research, with huge implications!


Buy Tickets (USD) for Low Carb International All Stars – Online Conference at You Tube stream, Sat 20 June 2020 — Buy tickets for Low Carb International All Stars – Online Conference at You Tube stream, Sat 20 June 2020 – Join an ‘All Star’ cast for this worldwide online Low Carb Conference. Presenters include Professor Timothy Noakes, Professor Robert Lustig, Dr David Unwin, Ivor Cummins, Professor Ben Bikman, Amber O’Hearn, Dr Paul Mason, Dr Sarah Hallberg, Dr Ken Berry, Professor Thomas Seyfried, Paul Saladino and Dave Feldman (more speakers TBA).  Each of these presenters is a star in their own right, and united they represent the very best of nutritional science. Topics of discussion will include diabetes, dementia, cancer and more. The conference will be streamed from 9 am in 3 times zones (UTC +10, UTC +2, UTC -5) (AEST, SAST/EET, EST) on Saturday 20th June, 2020.Three live Q+A sessions will be conducted (one for each time zone) with available presenters from that time zone.Virtual attendees will be provided with online access to every presentation, interview and ALL THREE Q+A sessions. Please note the conference program may change due to factors outside our control.  www.tickettailor.com

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