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Supposed invite from mainstream for interview – believe it?

Got another interesting email the today, similar to the ones I’ve received from Newspapers planning hit-job articles. Common enough when you properly discuss science and data since March 2020. This time it’s coming from one of Ireland’s main newspapers – The Irish Independent.  Here’s my last interview on mainstream, after which they scurried back into their burrows:

Update 10th Dec – my media network say highly likely there is no interview – this email was just a box-ticking exercise to claim they “contacted me”. So almost certainly just a hit piece, with no right of reply. My guess is they’ll heavily try to connect me to various Irish conspiracy theorists (main ploy they use) – and leverage my edgiest tweets to tie the fraudulent propaganda piece together. The funding dictates the propaganda – looks like the funding is now directed towards me, probably following the release of our new movie…

Anyway, here’s the email I received today:

EMAIL from Irish Independent received Dec 9th:

Message: Happy to arrange a chat.

MY REPLY EMAIL this evening:


So we’re talking specific questions and specific answers, all above board? Not an editorial type thing, with insinuating comments coupled with cherry-picked, out-of-context quotes from me? We have plenty of that anti-journalism about – certainly no need to add to the pile.
If the proposal is an above board / genuine interview, perhaps you can send a list of potential questions? If not a Q&A via email, perhaps a Zoom call interview (recorded by both parties of course) – where we can discuss your key questions?
A good line of flow would be to start with why we made our new movie, which by the way leveraged mainly professors in appropriate fields to illustrate the shared reality we find ourselves in. The filmmaker Donal O’Neill set up the GAA players union back in the day, so he’s no stranger to abuse from officialdom and the media (a useful background in the circumstances).
On releasing the movie we of course received the now customary screeching from our detractors, but interestingly it was all ad hominem in nature. All of it. In short, no questioning of any facts within the documentary. I can send you the movie file before the interview if you want – seems like it would be important to critique it?
Finally, I know that you are probably fixated on the vaccine topic specifically. My opinion on this is quite simple: the “mitigation of symptoms” aspect of this mass-medication should be voluntarily availed of – obviously I would have thought. We have (or had) certain standards in Western free democracies after all. And we have had massive signup in any case – truly massive percentages, including practically all of the susceptible to Covid19 effects (thus nicely achieving the lion’s share of any benefit that could accrue). Sadly though, the impact of this mass medication on transmission dynamics has transpired to be pretty risible, I would gauge from the published data. Hence there is no scientific or ethical justification for passports etc – voluntary is the way to go in these circumstances, I would suggest. Here’s a flavor of the real-world data, just sent to me this evening by a super-smart US MD pal in my network: I only speed-read it, but no surprises here for me – I always go by published papers and real-world empirical data; that’s what seems to make me unique these days. For your convenience, attached is the Lancet letter which the latter article is based upon.
It is a tragedy when science transmutes into rank ideology; when we essentially enter a “post-facts” era. But this is where we find ourselves, since March 2020.
Attached is my short-version bio, just to give a brief idea of who you are talking to – always helpful.
Looking forward.
My attached short Bio:  20210802 Ivor Cummins Short Bio

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