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Now you can do YOUR Part in Helping to Save Our Society

Now YOU can do YOUR Part in Helping to Save Our Society!

A group of patriotic professionals has completed a large print run of this data-filled leaflet – they are now delivering door-to-door across Ireland. All of you people out there who feel helpless against the absurd medical tyranny we find ourselves in, can now personally do something about it. Simply download the PDF below, print out as many copies as you can deliver – and get yourself some healthy outdoor exercise, delivering through doors across your area. Please make sure to join these Telegram groups and talk with others who are doing flyers to avoid any double delivery: and

This is a simple thing to do, and it may help a lot. Unless the people wake up to the data fraud and the nonsensical management of this now-endemic issue, our society as we knew it will be lost.

Download Booklet here:  IRELAND COVID FACTS BOOKLET 17-Jun-21 

Note: print it “two-sided” and can then fold to make a mini-booklet; best of luck with helping to save our country from unelected medical ideologues!

Version to email/post to your TD Download Here: PDF – IRELAND COVID FACTS FLYER 17-Jun-21

Note: find your TD here:


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