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Outrageous Censorship: My Index of videos banned by the Propagandists!

Here’s the list of my outrageously censored videos, all now on my Odysee channel – subscribe here:

Also on Bitchute:


  1. Key Viral Update Oct 30th – A Riposte to Anonymous Twitter Attacks… October 30th, 2020 

  1. Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained! September 8th, 2020

  1. URGENT UPDATE: Societal Damage from Bad Science, not the Virus? Why are they doing this? October 9th, 2020

  1. CRUCIAL Viral Update! * The Bottom Lines on this Issue * UK Revelations a Plenty! November 7th, 2020

  1. Crucial Viewing – to truly understand our current Viral Issue #Casedemic Aug 12h 2020

  1. OMG I’m Speechless! Unbelievable Mainstream News from Spain – UNREAL! August 19th, 2020

  1. What’s driving Viral Hysteria? UNMISSABLE mainstream news clip explains  December 15th, 2020

  1. Ep99: ER Doctor from Sweden Explains it all – the Science, Logic & Philosophy! Oct 12th

  1. Oct 20th Shocking Data – Endemic Virus versus Damaging Lockdowns

  1. Ep91 Emeritus Professor of Immunology…Reveals Crucial Viral Immunity Reality July 28th

  1. Crucial Update on the Viral Issue: a “Debunking the Detractors” Special! Sept 16th

  1. Feb13th Viral Reality Update: “A Wake-Up Call to the World” Sept 16th

Self-censored proactively on 12th – 16th March:

  1. CRUCIAL Viral Update Dec 7th – Europe and USA Explained! December 7th, 2020

  1. Urgent Viral Update: the Madness in Ireland, is happening all over… January 1st, 2021

  1. Viral Impact in England The Empirical Truth Part 1  November 30th

  1. The Last Word on Sweden Viral Issue – Understanding the Reality! November 26th

  1. Beyond Crucial Update on Viral Issue – and Lockdown “Science”! November 11th

  1. November 7th Crucial Update: Ireland and UK Lockdown – the WHY???

  1. CRUCIAL Viral Update: Critique of Data sending UK into Lockdown Meltdown! 3rd November

  1. Oct 29th Crucial Viral Update: European Focus BUT Principles Universal!

  1. Oct 20th Shocking Data – Endemic Virus versus Damaging Lockdowns

  1. Ireland and Europe’s Viral Outlook – what does the Latest Data say? October 10th 2020

  1. The Necessary Tiger Horn Deceit – a Viral Video for our Age? October 7th

  1. Important Viral Update for UK – but applies to many countries! October 2nd

  1. Do you know the Scientific History of Lockdowns? A Must Watch – CRUCIAL. 14 Jan 2021

  1. Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th – Europe and USA – Covers it ALL 4 Jan 2021

  1. Ep103 – Reid Sheftall MD – Comprehensively Decoding the Viral Issue, Pt 1 of 2 11 Dec 2020

  1. Ep102 Dr Malcolm Kendrick: First Hand Experience – the Lowdown on Lockdown!  27 Nov 2020

  1. Product Salesman – new drama – on Primetime Television – Enjoy! 28 Oct 2020

  1. Short Vid: Addressing the Recent Nonsense Thread from the Lockdown Loons 15 Feb 2021

  1. MUST WATCH – the Scientific History of Lockdowns – Part 3. What Really Happened! 21 Feb 2021

  1. Lockdown – The Dark Side of History. Are we Doomed to Repeat it? 28 Nov 2020

  1. The Mortality Reality of our Viral Challenge – Short and Informative! 23 Jan 2021

  1. Zero Covid Island Enigmas: Addressing the New Zealand Question! 30 Jan 2021

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