Podcast Episode 90: A Short Message to my Network and Supporters!

Hey everyone! This is kind of a special video – as it is the first time I have “asked for something back”. I explain in the video that the time has come to raise direct support, as otherwise I may have to drift back towards corporate work. I am hoping to avoid that, and instead double down on my mission of the past 8 years – covering every aspect of achieving optimal health for you and your families.

I will in addition be finishing a very tough job I started in April 2020 – that is, bringing clarity to the people on the real science behind our current viral challenge.

Thank you so much, for what you can do to support me and more importantly – the mission!

My Patreon Link here:  https://www.patreon.com/IvorCummins

For monthly donation to support me directly, or give a one-off payment – simply use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/IvorCummins

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