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Politicians are now Speaking Out Against Unjust Laws – Help Them Now! #CallToAction

It’s now or never. The time has come for Ireland’s Citizens to stand up for justice, democracy and our inalienable rights & freedoms. 

On or before June 9th, the truly despotic and draconian emergency laws will be rolled over for another 6 to 9 months. If we don’t stop this madness now, we’ll never stop it. Expect your kids to be sent home from school again come winter, expect to be locked down uselessly, expect to be masked pointlessly.

Download solicitor Tracey O’Mahony’s letter template here, and send like hell: Backup copy here:

Enough is enough – we need to stop this lunacy now.  Find your local representative here:

Time to get moving, or invite disaster for us all this winter. See our honest politicians fighting for us below. (DOWNLOAD IT HERE: )


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