Sinning with Seed Oils – are Vegetable Oils Healthy? Tucker Goodrich Podcast #10

Sinning with Seed Oils – are Vegetable Oils Healthy? Tucker Goodrich Podcast #10

Key posts by Tucker on seed / vegetable oils:


00:00:00 Tucker’s terrible health issues – stroke, diarrhea, diverticulitis and more

00:05:18 Seed oils and Wheat eliminated – boom!

00:15:22 Rabbit starvation and food cravings

00:20:29 Obesity, diabetes, heart disease epidemics – what are the commonalities?

00:29:22 So many diseases, including cancer – genetics is not an excuse

00:32:20 The ultimate disease diet formulation – just what is in it?

00:37:13 Safflower, all of the classic so called vegetable oils have nothing to do with vegetables – they are from seeds…

00:37:21 Seed oils dirty history

00:42:02 Seed oils scupper your LDL – interaction with Atherosclerosis and more

01:00:12 Seed oils and the destruction of indigenous peoples

01:07:58 Enter the Okinawans

01:12:06 Seed oils and 4-HNE compound – enter the causal mechanisms

01:20:57 Seed Oils versus insulin resistance, babies driven to liver failure, and much more

01:26:57 If Seed Oils were discovered to day – would the FDA let us consume ‘em?

01:31:45 “Gunes versus Butter” – how we ended up eating these substances

01:33:51 Even industry knows well how big the problem is

01:37:46 Many co-factors – but ditch the seed oils as an early preventative step

01:40:42 Recap on the mechanisms – and discussing the destruction of your body’s primary antioxidant – Glutathione

01:51:06 Seed Oils interaction with Low Carb – double barrel

02:06:00 Seed Oils and Oxidized Lipoproteins (LDL shenanigans)

02:07:56 The research and data is out there – why don’t they just RTFM??


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