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#Irish Cardiologist with Heart Disease and Scanning Insights – Podcast #11

Dr Paddy Barrett is seriously committed to the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

Originally from Galway, Ireland, Dr Barrett completed his medical school training at the University College Dublin. In combination with his cardiology training at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland he has acquired extensive specialty cardiology training in world class medical centres in New York and California.

Dr Barrett spent four years at The Scripps Translational Science Institute in California working alongside the world renowned cardiologist Dr Eric Topol on the fields of cardiovascular genomics and medical innovation. As part of Dr Barrett’s time there he played a pivotal role in the development of several novel technologies, large scale clinical trials and has published extensively in the field. He speaks regularly around the world on heart disease.  Paddy’s website:

Note – we recorded this in my studio  in FREEZING conditions ! (heating issue) – surprised Paddy wasn’t shivering too much to talk !

TRANSCRIPT at bottom of post


00:00:49 Dr. Barrett’s background and entry into high-tech scanning and preventative cardiology

00:03:04 Scanning technology and the screening power it can deliver

00:06:37 Recognizing coronary symptoms – and the tragic reality

00:11:45 A cardiologist’s nutritional advice for heart attack prevention

00:20:26 Vegetable oils – are they a heart-healthy fat? Where we all went wrong over the decades

00:25:36 Dietary Guidelines – “the definition of intelligence is to be able to hold two competing ideas in your mind at the one time.”

00:26:56 Patients who do extremely well and transform their health – are they following the standard guidelines?

00:32:29 Current doctors/cardios and their grasp of root causes – how is it?

00:39:43 Drugs in heart disease treatment

00:44:39 CAC blows away the risk factors – even age (this most powerful risk factor)

00:47:42 Blood risk factors and their utility

00:52:34 Saving lives and money with CAC

00:55:51 Drug company business models

01:00:38 Digital technology in prevention e.g. Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM’s)

01:02:36 Doctors need to learn more about the primary root causes e.g. insulin resistance

01:07:27 Wrap-up and hope for the future !

Go to for more information on CAC scanning to save lives

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