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Corona Mitigation Strategies - Excerpts from Feldman-Cummins Podcast

Corona Mitigation Strategies – Excerpts from Feldman/Cummins Podcast

A few excerpts on two different approaches to mitigating Corona impact, taken from Mar 26th Podcast on Dave Feldman’s channel. Worldwide, countries are taking diverse approaches. Which is most optimal? We’ll only truly know with time – and the widespread use of an antibody test (not yet available). Sweden approach mentioned is covered here:

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NEWS BULLETIN: A Most Important Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

I don’t need to provide a commentary for this. NOTE: IGNORE the big graphic on the screen – it shows CHINESE DATA – just listen to Dr. Stephen Smith as he explains his USA-observed data:  22 out of 23 hospitalized Corona patients were Diabetic/pre-Diabetic. And 14 out of 15 severe cases were Diabetic/pre-Diabetic (the remaining

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