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The Covid Chronicles Movie is coming – need some languages pls! :-)

Hey all! After a long hard 18 months for Donal and the moviemaking team, we are imminently releasing – and we have a request for support on the translation front. We have a professional English subtitle file, and want to translate into all major languages – to make hard-coded versions of the movie for the world. Could you help with your native language, if you have good English also? We’d love to hear from you – simply email !

Teeny snippit below – full trailer to follow (note movie website not active yet):

The challenge for the team was to make a movie with a fresh and sustained storyline – and to avoid being like any of the many other movies out there on the topic. We have avoided any “conspiracy theory” feel – even if said theories were true. We have stuck assiduously to the DATA and the real-world reality, with a host of experts interviewed by our film support crews around the world (and plenty of Zoom required too – it was a travel-restricted pandemic year, right?). This movie can be enjoyed by anyone – without the slightest concern that they are watching anything other than a fiercely accurate and truthful narrative of what really happened. I stress again, no conspiracy stuff, for censorship avoidance and appeal to the less awake majority. The tragedy of the geopolitical intrigue is retained for our next project – a movie which will fully explain the geopolitical WHY? Why is this is all happening – against science, logic, data, ethics – or even good old-fashioned common sense?!

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