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The Covid Chronicles Movie Now Unleashed – Free Streaming & More!

The ultimate Covid movie, with the best scientific and medical experts – now goes into full proliferation mode. As explained before, the movie team needed to cover time, costs and ongoing efforts to return the world to rationality. But now we unleash to share for maximum effect, including creating a “free or donation” download option below (scroll for languages and option – many more languages soon!):   (please share this direct link as widely as possible,  for all of our children and grandchildren…)

Likewise a free streaming page has now been enabled:

We went with a strategy to tell a story of what Covid19 was all about, whilst strategically avoiding the “conspiracy theory” type elements. We are not aiming at the already-aware – we are aiming at the curious layperson. This movie captures the core realities of what really happened during the Covid crisis – as the world suddenly turned away from science, rationality and proportionality. It’s truly a time capsule for our children and grandchildren – please share as widely as possible!  Note: even months after initial release, there has not been a single rebuttal of any line in the movie. History has proven us to be CORRECT pretty much across the board since March 2020.

Covid Chronicles Movie Website HERE









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