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The End of Free Speech

The End of Free Speech? Terrifying Proposals from Parliament

Truly insane stuff from Slovenia – the end of free speech is upon us. Email below from Slovenian pal about new laws proposed there – below the email text you can scroll to Insane 1, 2 and 3 which he references/translates in the email:

Hey Ivor,

I’m writing to you since there came out a document today that you might find interesting. It’s from our national assembly and it is a guidance from the national assembly to support an initiative from one of the members on our national assembly to get the Ministry of Health and Ministry of education, science and sport to prepare changes to our legal order for some very drastic changes, specifically:
– implement a financial penalty for the negative consequences or even death of another person and for spreading of untrue information, harmful to life
Even more specifically what they are essentially asking the ministries to do is propose legislation that would punish unvaccinated people for whom it can be subjectively proven that they have caused damage to another person by infecting them with disease (the vaccinated are exempt from this…as according to the proposal they have taken the necessary step)
The second part is mind blowing and I’ll just translate it verbatim (it’s on Insane 2 under II.):
II, The person spreading untrue facts, which in accordance to the profession result in additional deaths and those deaths are in direct opposition to known facts, freely accessible with encyclopedia like Wikipedia, are to be punished with a financial penalty.
First warning is to be written and will not include a financial penalty. The second warning is added due to the spreading of untruth a financial penalty of 10 % of your average salary from the previous year. At every next warning the monetary fine is raised by an additional 10% of last years average salary. The fines would be handled by the relevant authorities, for example inspectors for schooling.
Oh and since I’m at it I’ll translate the last part on the third and last page…this is all of course the stuff marked in yellow…ahem:
“With this edict the freedom of free expression and the autonomy of science cannot be breached, so scientists have the right to a different opinion as the official interpretation as long as they are not completely opposed to encyclopedias and the citizens have the freedom to express themselves about anything, that doesn’t have harmful scientific consequences. So this excludes all ideological, political, philosophical and other statements.”
So…I know Ireland is also fucked…but like…someone send help. I know this is just like supposed to be an advisory thing…but this is where they are going. This if it were passed into law would basically destroy free speech in this country forever.

Just wanted to vent to someone, share some of the pain I guess. Hope I didn’t ruin your day.






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