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The Fat Emperor Podcast Introduction To What It Is All About Podcast #1

Hi All

The Fat Emperor Podcast is on the way!  We have a pile of episodes already completed and will release series on a weekly basis before the end of February. Sometimes we will release an extra episode during the week, depending on other activity!

Also, there will be two to three “Pod Shorts” per week – these will be 5 to 10-minute sessions, supporting or debunking the latest science being touted in the media. Also covered will be key health-related topics and tips – and simplified summaries of scientific publications that have core lessons for us all to heed!

Please subscribe and share this Podcast widely, so that others can benefit. This is a free service to give great health advice in an entertaining format. We are enabled to produce this due to support from the Irish Heart Disease Awareness charity, which advocates the widespread use of the cardiac CT scan that delivers your CAC Score. If you are middle-aged and middle-risk, you’ve got to “Know your Score!”



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