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THE GREAT TAKING – Who Really Owns YOUR Assets???

Oh. My. God. This one is pure gold, equally horrifying and fascinating – it is simply NOT one to miss!  The title says it all, and yes – we answer the pivotal question! (DOWNLOAD this interview here to share yourself elsewhere: Also please download David’s book and SHARE his website widely:  The Super Sweden Conference details here – please support them!

As mentioned in the intro/outro, I’ve made sure for me and my family to convert a significant percentage of pension etc. into physical precious metals (‘real money’). If you are interested in taking similar action, I’ve agreed a follower’s deal with PureGold in the UK (they have vault in NY and work with USA customers too, and will ship to you as desired) – just use the following link: This gives a special discount on the first year’s storage charge. PureGold manage Storage or Delivery worldwide – Fully allocated and segregated vaults in London and Zurich (all fully insured). 5k minimum purchase, and they have an Unequivocal Buy Back Guarantee. You can cash out of the gold whenever you want – liquidate within 24 hours. You also a free no-commitments consultation up front, to discuss your circumstances and goals.

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