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The Kick Sugar Summit June 10th 2019

The Kick Sugar Summit Starting Mon 10th June – sign up here!

Hi Guys

This one has a who’s who of the leading nutritional and health thinkers in the world – and it’s free to join in!


There will be over 35 speakers from around the world—doctors, lawyers, keto experts, coaches, authors, influencers and success stories.

Here are just few of the many speakers on this summit:

Dr. Robert Lustig

Dr. Robert Lustig is a pediatric endocrinologist and Professor Emeritus of UCSF, where he specializes in childhood obesity and metabolic syndrome. He’s a New York Times bestseller of Fat Chance, the Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease as well as appearing on the television special Sweet Revenge. Dr. Lustig is president and co-founder of the non-profit Institute for Responsible Nutrition.

Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes is an American journalist, author and advocate of the low-carbohydrate diet. His NYT bestsellers include The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat, Good Calories Bad Calories, and Bad Science. Gary will dispel the calories in/calories out theory.

Andy Petranek

Andy Petranek, the co-Founder of the Whole Life Challenge, has been an influencer and trendsetter in the world of health and fitness for over 25 years. He was an early adopter of CrossFit, opening one of the first 10 affiliates in the world (CrossFit Los Angeles).

Plus over 20 other MDs PhDs, low carb researchers and experts will educate, entertain and amaze you.

Just a small sampling of the topics they speak about:

Natural, steady weight loss with…

  • Improve your mood quickly, heal your dopamine receptors
  • Many people cut back or totally eliminate medications of all kinds
  • Make more satisfying food choices
  • No crazy exercise
  • Increased energy – finally wake up refreshed
  • Better concentration
  • Learn to care for yourself in deep way
  • Take back control of your health

No need to leave your home—just login and watch for free for 5 days straight 🙂

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