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NEWS BULLETIN: A Most Important Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

I don’t need to provide a commentary for this. NOTE: IGNORE the big graphic on the screen – it shows CHINESE DATA – just listen to Dr. Stephen Smith as he explains his USA-observed data:  22 out of 23 hospitalized Corona patients were Diabetic/pre-Diabetic. And 14 out of 15 severe cases were Diabetic/pre-Diabetic (the remaining

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Supposed invite from mainstream for interview – believe it?

Got another interesting email the today, similar to the ones I’ve received from Newspapers planning hit-job articles. Common enough when you properly discuss science and data since March 2020. This time it’s coming from one of Ireland’s main newspapers – The Irish Independent.  Here’s my last interview on mainstream, after which they scurried back into

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Ep119: STATE OF FEAR! How the Government used Science of Psychology to Delude Us

Myself and Laura Dodsworth discuss her new book: “STATE OF FEAR – How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic.” A superb read explaining how the Government used the science of psychology to delude us into a form of mass psychosis. Learn how to innoculate yourself against these totalitarian methods! The book:

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Behind the Curtain: Frank McCaughey with Ivor Cummins Special :-)

Visited with Irish entrepreneur Frank McCaughey yesterday, and we recorded a VERY Frank conversation!  Enjoy the pure, unadulterated #reality of the science and the data. We cover it all!  😉 Scroll down beyond the video below, to see the papers and the data!   THIRTY+ LOCKDOWN LACK OF EFFICACY PAPERS & ANALYSES:  STANFORD – Effects of

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Scientific Analyses and Papers on Lockdown Effectiveness

Here collated are the papers of shame – the lockdown ideology is destroying our societal health, selling the lie of saving lives. Lockdowns cost net suffering and lives – by a huge margin. Here we gather together the evidence. Firstly read this short MIT analysis of Anti-Lockdown Groups: The Supremely Scientific Nature of Anti-Lockdown Analysts

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Ep99 ER Doctor from Sweden Explains it all - the Science Logic & Philosophy

Ep99: ER Doctor from Sweden Explains it all – the Science, Logic & Philosophy!

Superb conversation with Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, covering the gamut. Google him and his articles – superb. Here’s a sample from his website – visit it! NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can at my Patreon Link: For monthly

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Ep 71 - Dr. Aseem Malhotra - We Can Transform Our Viral Resilience

Ep 71 Dr. Aseem Malhotra – We Can Transform Our Viral Resilience!

Episode 71: Short and sharp at 20 minutes! Great conversation and advice from crusading cardiologist.Dr. Aseem Malhotra.  Find out all about what makes you highly resilient against this viral issue we’re facing – and get on it now. Dr. Malhotra’s just-published paper is available here: Please support this free podcast by watching and

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