Gabor Erdosi on the Primary Issues Which Drive Disease Part 1/2

 Gabor Erdosi – Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics and King of Root-Cause investigation. We get Gabor’s insights here on what underpins modern chronic disease rates – and the solutions. Need I say more?
This one is meaty and comes in two parts – part one content see listing below.
00:42  Gabor’s health transformation – starch digestion issues resulted in leaky gut, Ankylosing Spondylitis and other debilitating conditions – all resolved with science!
09:40  The central role that our internal barrier systems play – to prevent autoimmune diseases of all sorts
14:51   The things which can destroy your barrier function – inviting in disease
18:41   The Lymphatics system, the immunological role of visceral fat depots – and what “Beer Bellies” really mean
26:39  TOFI people and what’s going on in their guts – more on the all-important Lymphatic system role
34:05 Personal Fat Threshold (PFT) theory challenged
37:42 Cardiovascular causes and intro to part 2… 

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