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Gabor Erdosi on the Primary Issues Which Drive Disease – PODCAST Ep19 PART 2/2

Gabor Erdosi – Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics and King of Root-Cause investigation. In Part two here we get Gabor’s further insights on what underpins modern chronic disease rates – and the solutions. Need I say more?

This one was meaty and come in two parts – part one content here:…

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00:29 Ivor summary of Lipoprotein involvement in coronary artery disease

05:00 Gabor model of LDL influx and HDL efflux, intimately tied to immune system activation and the lymphatic system

15:08 The blood vessels as a huge “clearing-house” for damaged LDL

19:20 Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia – and understanding HDL’s importance

25:54 “Understanding healthy physiology is absolutely mandatory.” Tying the immune system response and hyperinsulinemia together 31:45 Gabor’s “unifying theory” of all maladies and diseases of civilization.

35:47 The Pareto Principle – and Gabor/Ivor’s advice to live long and strong

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