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Science and Data-based 2-pager for you to print and deliver widely – Stand Up

Just sent a close-to-final version of 2-pager, to be printed and distributed through letterboxes – old style.

1.  The ASK:  All you people of Ireland who respect real science and wish to save our society from this abomination, well here is something you can now do for your country. Print out a large batch of copies, and deliver yourself. You will be able to play your part in saving our country – it’s society, it’s people.  No excuses – time to step up and be counted. Think of the 1916 people, if it helps to boost your courage and resolve. You can also email and share like crazy to your politicians, business people and anyone of influence.

2.  The ASK If you are not Irish: Same thing, but the word version below can be edited to make it country-specific for you.

Boots on streets guys – that’s where it’s at right now.  Real science is required asap, to replace the anti-science which currently prevails in our ruined society.

Consider yourself served: “everybody counts, or nobody counts”

PDF LEAFLET TO DOWNLOAD & PRINT:    Covid Information Bulletin December 2020.pdf

WORD LEAFLET TO DOWNLOAD & EDIT:  Covid-Information Bulletin December 2020.docx


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