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Ep124: Question Everything: A FREE Summit – all Scientific People Should Attend!

Don’t miss this free online summit – our future depends on leadership like this! REGISTER NOW HERE:  – help to support this noble endeavor here: Top Tip – subscribe to my Odysee for Uncensored Science: (join up and then “follow” my channel) Audio Podcast here: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound

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Now you can do YOUR Part in Helping to Save Our Society

Now YOU can do YOUR Part in Helping to Save Our Society!

A group of patriotic professionals has completed a large print run of this data-filled leaflet – they are now delivering door-to-door across Ireland. All of you people out there who feel helpless against the absurd medical tyranny we find ourselves in, can now personally do something about it. Simply download the PDF below, print out

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