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REVELATIONS! Mainstream News Dissected in a Scientific and Data-Centric Manner!

Boom! Mainstream news item utterly debunked. This one is #CRUCIAL.  This one lays the lies bare. This one should be shared with Irish broadcasting Authority ( and Twitter @BAItweets and all Irish Politicians/Business Leaders/Influencers – get sharing now!). Also the video file is here to download and upload everywhere: CLICK BELOW TO REVEAL (direct

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Ep.111 - Mortality Realities - Professor Michael Levitt Explains Fully

Ep 111: Mortality Realities – Professor Michael Levitt Explains Fully!

Had an excellent and data-packed convo with Nobel Prize winner and good friend, Professor Michael Levitt of Stanford University! It’s long-ish but covers all of the crucial excess mortality data from CDC, and/or Euromomo databases. So ZERO reason for censoring this one – even though the actual governmental data is fascinating! Always remember: don’t

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Fat Emperor on major Radio Show – Keeping it Real – Be Informed on the DATA!

Okay gloves off on The Niall Boylan Show, Classic Hits FM  – Niall and his show have been a rare beacon of light and rationality during this thing (most of the Irish media have been disgracefully one-sided) Here it is below! IF YOU CAN’T ACCESS ABOVE, DIRECT LINK BELOW: Also here: NOTE: My

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Ep96 Viral Hysteria Wreaking Havoc – versus Implementing Real Fixes? WHY?

Short podcast with Ally Houston from Paleo Canteen. We discuss the impending annihilation of the hospitality sector, totally unjustified and wrong. Then we talk about what would actually HELP with this viral issue. Ally’s Paleo Canteen Low Carb On A Budget Cookbook  UK & Europe – Rest of world – Amazon Website –  Twitter – NOTE:

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Viral Issue Critical Update - Some of the Science Logic and Data Explained

Viral Issue Critical Update: Some of the Science Logic and Data Explained

Short video on the latest data around mortality risk realities, seasonality, the Sweden Question, Europe vs USA – and the evidence For/Against various suppression measures. In all cases we review the official published data and studies from the past weeks – only official government data included – no controversial sources. Although no fringe material here

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