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Dr. Paul Mason on Advanced Cholesterol Tests and Much Much More

Dr. Paul Mason – Advanced Cholesterol and Much Much More Full Podcast Ep26

FULL PODCAST Ep26 – Super well-researched Australian doctor Paul Mason @DrPaulMason – recorded in Boulder, Colorado. We covered: LDL-P, ApoB, Lipoprotein(a) / Lp(a), Oxidized LDL, Omega 6 Seed Oils, Gilbert’s Syndrome, Antioxidants, Bilirubin, Glutathione, Carnitine versus Carnosine, Wheat Germ Agglutanin, GGT, CIMT, CAC, Glycation, Lectins, FODMAP, Magnesium, Selenium, CGM Continuous Glucose Monitors, Parkinson’s Disease, and

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