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Discover Who Really Runs the World! with Sandi Adams

Sandi Adams was the lady who went viral with her blistering critique of a certain global Agenda at the Glastonbury Council Meeting last March. I got to catch up with her and have a great chat on the core of what is going on! As mentioned in the vid, I’ve made sure for me and

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Financial World Fully Decoded – Listen Up, and Take Action!

This interview is a Grand Slam from the uber-articulate and incredibly knowledgeable Matthew Piepenburg (educated at Brown, Harvard, Stanford etc. – executive at Matterhorn Asset Management). It will answer ALL your questions around Global Finance, banking and personal finance decisions! PLEASE SHARE to help the people! I’ve made sure for me and my family to

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Statin Impacts and More: GG and CoQ10 with Dr. Barrie Tan

Another delightful health science chat, with the excellent Dr. Barrie Tan!  NOTE: GG is GeranylGeraniol – explained here with Dr. Tan: Statin damage is a big deal, and GG/CoQ10 can resolve it. But even if you’re not on the old statins…GG/CoQ10 can give your physiology a real boost 😃 If you wish, 15% discount

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Elementally Evil Institutions: Wow, Get a Load of This Guys!

The splashscreen says it all – are you ready to confront true evil? You’re not gonna believe this one – but it’s true! 😉 The Twitter Space recording: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing, business travel and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can with monthly

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