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A MUST-READ Article – for all Doctors, Medical Students and Laypeople!

One of the best articles I’ve read on our Type 2 Diabetes epidemic – and the by now obvious solution. Click below – it has it all!     Back from the brink: How I reversed my diabetes — OPINION: As a slimmish, fittish, 60-ish, white male, I wasn’t prepared for the appointment that

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Importance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 RATIO in Metabolic Disease and #Cancer

Yeah, yeah I know – MOUSE MODELS! But still it does resonate with the thrust of all the other associational, mechanistic and experimental evidence through past decades – and it’s a quick read – click below: Been talking about this for a long time e.g. Sudden Cardiac Death and Omega 3 Index Omega 6

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Dave Feldman on LDL and All-Cause Mortality - Does Cholesterol Kill You?

FULL PODCAST 27: LDL and All-Cause Mortality – Does Cholesterol Kill You?

Dave Feldman with new data on LDL and….ALL CAUSE MORTALITY! Does Cholesterol kill you?  Well look and see…! (full talk from Dave at Keto Salt Lake here: INDEX: 00:00 Mining NHANES Database for LDL and Mortality data 02:30 Stratifying the data – to get the answer 04:10 And the answer? Does higher LDL shorten

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