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How the World is Run – Ivor on James Delingpole’s Pod!

Your Tuesday Treat – a no holds barred conversation with James Delingpole – he of The Delingpod! No need to have any questions remaining after this one – this IS how the World is Run! As mentioned in the vid, I’ve made sure for me and my family to convert a significant percentage of pension

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Conspiracy Theory – or Not? How to Know for SURE!

Hey guys, have you been frustrated when the “conspiracy theorist!” slur is screeched? The slur that shuts down rational debate? It’s an increasing problem for sure, as it stifles debate and debases the public dialogue. Well, I spent considerable time developing an engineering-level logical tool in order to finally resolve the issue. I believe that

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The Ultimate Experts on Chronic Disease – What Can They Tell Us?

Want to know the answers to ultimate health, productivity and longevity? Well look no further – here it is! Enjoy a selection of content from the world’s top experts in health optimization and chronic disease prevention – all taken from our recent blockbuster conference 😀 For full download of more than 12 hours of entertaining

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Ep167 Heart Attack Optimum Treatment with Expert Sherez Ruano

Really enjoyed this short pod with the Lovely Sheri Ruano, Cardiac Rehabilitation expert – see her NHS cardiac support system here: As mentioned during the discussion, our second Online Conference is happening this November 19th & 20th. A weekend of the best speakers across a range of inspirational and educational topics, to super-charge your

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The Best Chronic Disease Resolution Online Conference – is Back!

Hey all, myself and Mark Felstead of We Love Our Heart have been working behind the scenes for weeks now, to deliver our second Online Conference -this November 19th & 20th! A weekend of the best speakers across a range of inspirational and educational topics, to super-charge your efforts towards longevity, weight loss, productivity &

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Ep157: Nick Hudson in London – the Facts and the Psychology!

UPDATE: YT removed video within an hour or so – perhaps Nick’s name alone is cause for censorship. Shocking stuff 🙁  Now on Odysee and Bitchute below – please subscribe to me there, as totalitarianism grows! Summer 2022 in London, myself and Nick Hudson finally got to meet in person! The data’s now in essentially,

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Ep155 Ketogenic Therapies for Cancer – Oncologist Dr. Waffa Abdel Hadi

Another short interview from Keto Live 2022 – with the lovely oncologist Dr. Waffa Abdel Hadi. She explains the promising integration of ketogenic therapies which hopefully will be adopted more and more in coming years!  For CME credits a plenty, go here!—conferences/e-learning-conference-online-now-2022-2023/

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Ep149 Ketogenic Therapies for Serious Conditions – So Much Potential!

Interested in emerging Ketogenic Treatments, which look to be gamechangers? Well here is my second short interview from Keto Live 2022 – with the impressive Bess Zupec-Kania. She explains the promising ketogenic treatments which will change the face of healthcare! (The study I featured up front: ) For CME credits a plenty, at your

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Ep130 A Super-High Calcium Score? How to Deal with It!

Super High Calcium (CAC) Score? Well today’s guest has a dizzying one, and he’s not bothered! We discuss the reason why. Also find our “We Love Our Heart team” here, and check them out! NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if

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