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Statin Impacts and More: GG and CoQ10 with Dr. Barrie Tan

Another delightful health science chat, with the excellent Dr. Barrie Tan!  NOTE: GG is GeranylGeraniol – explained here with Dr. Tan: Statin damage is a big deal, and GG/CoQ10 can resolve it. But even if you’re not on the old statins…GG/CoQ10 can give your physiology a real boost 😃 If you wish, 15% discount

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Metabolic Duo is Launched! Please Help get the word out 😃

The big day has arrived! After many years planning this, myself and Gabor Erdosi can now deliver the ultimate personal health and productivity platform. No-one will match our combined knowledge and root-causing ability – this will be the one stop shop for a healthier, more vital you. I’ve included some serious wisdom on Insulin Resistance

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The Metabolic Duo Platform is Coming!

Really excited to announce the imminent launch of our new health, weight-loss and longevity platform. Myself and Gabor have spent over ten years researching these topics and mechanisms to the deepest level, and can now provide an unmatched service in transforming anyone’s health and productivity. The short video here explains – looking forward to working

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MASTERCLASS in Resolving Heart Disease – with Dr. Arthur Agatson!

Wow, what a discussion and presentation from Dr. Arthur Agatston, world’s top cardiologist! We also bring in patient Doug – to help fully decode the drivers of cardiac death – so that YOU can fix them too! NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing, business travel and much more does require support –

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Blood Testing Technology – What’s Up and Coming???

Blood Testing technology is key for health and is developing rapidly – here I talk to Mike Dubrovsky, entrepreneur and CEO of Siphox company. They are developing fascinating new technologies, and there’s a 50% off offer for my people…! For 50% off all packages, use the following link:  – discount will be applied at

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Blood Pressure: Ivor and Vegan Cardiologist Joel Kahn Discuss

Short one today guys, as I again find common ground with one of America’s top Vegan cardiologists – Dr. Joel Kahn. Here we discuss the epidemic of elevated blood pressure, and what you can do beyond diet and lifestyle to boost your Nitric Oxide. It’s a bit salesy maybe, but enjoy! As discussed, if you

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Ep114: Cholesterol Conundrums Revisited – with Dr. Jonny Bowden PhD

Caught up with Jonny a while back and talked all things cholesterol – we didn’t hold back on the nonsense of it all!  Jonny’s new book, bang up to date: As mentioned at the start of the pod, there’s a seriously sinister censorship drive afoot – so please do sign up to my Odysee

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Trends in our Viral Issue - Europe and Sweden Interview Update

Latest Trends in our Viral Issue – Europe and Sweden Interview Update

A quick one again today. I’ll explain some of the latest trends with the context around them, as a lead-in to yesterday’s interview with Dr. Anders Tegnall – the man behind Sweden’s controversial viral mitigation strategy. Hear it direct from the source – it’s more accurate that way. The article and other links here:

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Ep75 The WHO Praises Sweden and their Viral Strategy - WHY

Ep75 The WHO Praises Sweden and their Viral Strategy – WHY???

Wow – yesterday the WHO (World Health Organisation) came out in a press release and…actually praised Sweden and held up them up as a model for Coronavirus approach, as we come out of lockdowns – that’s some turnaround! get the lowdown on the details in this super-short presentation One of the articles on the announcement

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Ep73 - Vitamin D Status and Viral Interactions…The Science

Ep73 – Vitamin D Status and Viral Interactions…The Science

Episode 73: Another one for Science and Data-Centric people everywhere – a review of recent publications on Vitamin D versus Virus Infection severity of outcome fascinating early data emerging if it bears up in continued studies, this could have major implications for how we deal with this difficult situation Please support this free podcast by

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