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Importance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 RATIO in Metabolic Disease and #Cancer

Yeah, yeah I know – MOUSE MODELS! But still it does resonate with the thrust of all the other associational, mechanistic and experimental evidence through past decades – and it’s a quick read – click below: Been talking about this for a long time e.g. Sudden Cardiac Death and Omega 3 Index Omega 6

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Ep33 Paul Saladino MD is a Carnivore Doctor - What Does His Research Reveal

Ep33 Paul Saladino MD is a Carnivore Doctor What Does His Research Reveal?

The well-researched and articulate Paul Saladino MD – what a great discussion – see index below!   Paul is on Twitter as @MdSaladino and his Podcast is “Fundamental Health”   For full TRANSCRIPT, scroll down below index 00:00:51 Plant-Based good, Carnivore bad – it seems to most doctors 00:04:41 The baddest foods on the planet 00:08:04 Paleoanthropology

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The Science behind Human Carnivory - Can it Cure Podcast 23

The Science behind Human Carnivory – Can Carnivore Cure?? Podcast 23

Anyone interested in the science of carnivorous regimes for potential relief of skin conditions, Arthritis, Crohn’s, IBS and many other autoimmune conditions…will not want to miss Episode 23. Today’s podcast features Amber O’Hearn – arguably one of the most well versed in carnivore science out there. This diet is not for everyone, but the science

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