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Ep35 Beating Food Addiction - with Expert Robert Cywes MD PhD

Ep35 Beating Food Addiction – with Expert Robert Cywes MD PhD

Caught up with the compelling Robert Cywes in Seattle a while back – what followed was a vibrant discussion on how food addiction (especially carbohydrates in processed food) – can cut us off at the knees. Our obesity and chronic disease epidemic isn’t an accident. There are causes, and they entrap people in a desperate

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Ep33 Paul Saladino MD is a Carnivore Doctor - What Does His Research Reveal

Ep33 Paul Saladino MD is a Carnivore Doctor What Does His Research Reveal?

The well-researched and articulate Paul Saladino MD – what a great discussion – see index below!   Paul is on Twitter as @MdSaladino and his Podcast is “Fundamental Health”   For full TRANSCRIPT, scroll down below index 00:00:51 Plant-Based good, Carnivore bad – it seems to most doctors 00:04:41 The baddest foods on the planet 00:08:04 Paleoanthropology

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Dr. Paul Mason on Advanced Cholesterol Tests and Much Much More

Dr. Paul Mason – Advanced Cholesterol and Much Much More Full Podcast Ep26

FULL PODCAST Ep26 – Super well-researched Australian doctor Paul Mason @DrPaulMason – recorded in Boulder, Colorado. We covered: LDL-P, ApoB, Lipoprotein(a) / Lp(a), Oxidized LDL, Omega 6 Seed Oils, Gilbert’s Syndrome, Antioxidants, Bilirubin, Glutathione, Carnitine versus Carnosine, Wheat Germ Agglutanin, GGT, CIMT, CAC, Glycation, Lectins, FODMAP, Magnesium, Selenium, CGM Continuous Glucose Monitors, Parkinson’s Disease, and

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The Science behind Human Carnivory - Can it Cure Podcast 23

The Science behind Human Carnivory – Can Carnivore Cure?? Podcast 23

Anyone interested in the science of carnivorous regimes for potential relief of skin conditions, Arthritis, Crohn’s, IBS and many other autoimmune conditions…will not want to miss Episode 23. Today’s podcast features Amber O’Hearn – arguably one of the most well versed in carnivore science out there. This diet is not for everyone, but the science

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Gabor Erdosi on the Primary Issues Which Drive Disease - Part 1

Gabor Erdosi on the Primary Issues Which Drive Disease Part 1/2

 Gabor Erdosi – Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics and King of Root-Cause investigation. We get Gabor’s insights here on what underpins modern chronic disease rates – and the solutions. Need I say more? This one is meaty and comes in two parts – part one content see listing below. PART TWO HERE: INDEX/CONTENT

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Dr. Jay Wrigley on Women's Hormonal Issues - Weightloss and More Podcast 18

Dr. Jay Wrigley on Women’s Hormonal Issues, Weight-loss and More

In today’s podcast release we focus primarily on women’s issues. Dr’ Jay Wrigley is expert in treating hormonal imbalance challenges and explains the nuances involved – this stuff is not simple! We also cover many other topics during the course of the conversation – enjoy! Dr. Wrigley’s website: Transcript/Index/Contents to follow  

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Bill Blanchet MD on Eliminating Heart Attacks...and Much More! Podcast 17

Bill Blanchet MD – Eliminating Heart Attacks…and Much More Podcast #17

Bill Blanchet MD is a cardiologist, preventative intervention expert and also an exceptional expert in cardiovascular imaging.  He has near-eliminated heart attacks and repeat heart attacks in his patients over the last 15+ years. Here we discuss how he achieved this extraordinary feat – get ready for LOTS on intervention wisdom – and some controversial

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My LDL Cholesterol is High, But I’m Not Worried. Here’s Why

I’ve just been sent a great write-up by Mike Roberto (@MicroBerto on Twitter) – on higher cholesterol values and what they may or may not mean – depending on the circumstances.  It features many excerpts from some of my provocative posts, and excellent clips from Dave Feldman’s oeuvre (@DaveKeto). Nice job Mike! Mike Roberto: “Note:

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