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Don't be Fooled by the CAC Critics: Facts Bulletin to get Things Straight

Don’t be Fooled by the CAC Critics: Facts Bulletin to get Things Straight

A lot of misleading articles appear relating to CAC value. This is the latest offender, obfuscating to take the “right to know” away from the individual: Myself and Dr. Jeff Gerber’s riposte here in PDF form:   20191219 Mandrola Article Response And here is my brief response in video form: And read the latest (sensible,

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Dr. Paul Mason - Advanced Cholesterol Chat and Much Much More PART 3 of 5

Dr. Paul Mason PART 3 of 5 – Advanced Cholesterol – #CAC, #CIMT, #Glycation, HOMA-IR

FULL EPISODE NOW RELEASED: Part 3 of 5 – Excellent conversation with super well-researched Australian doctor Paul Mason @DrPaulMason – recorded in Boulder, Colorado. We covered so much! Full podcast released at the weekend – for those who want to pig out on excellent insights, all in one go 🙂 SUBSCRIBE here for latest

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Widowmaker Movie – just added #ROMANIAN Subtitles #CAC

The Widowmaker Movie short version – now adds Romanian subtitles – big thanks to Bogdan Chiva for delivering the goods 🙂 Chinese is now on the way. So no matter your nationality, you can Know your Score. And take action – before it’s too late. Please share with your Spanish, Swedish, Afrikaans, Brazilian/Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian and

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FoodNews Conference 2018 – fixing the Heart Disease Elephant ! #CAC #LCHF

Excellent conference in Prague last Saturday – crammed with doctors, specialists, policy people, dietitians and interested public. Big thanks to Dr. Jan Vyjidak, Dr. Margit Slimáková and the team for inviting me to such a great event ! Here I cover a teeny slice of the knowledge contained in our new book “Eat Rich, Live Long”.

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