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Ep128 A Pioneer Group in Heart Attack Prevention – Leadership Time!

I’ve been supporting a fantastic new heart attack prevention endeavor led by Mark Felstead in Germany – but it’s international as you will see. Find the team here and check them out! INOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can

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Ep127: A Statin Free Life Revealed – with Dr. Aseem Malhotra!

Caught up with Aseem in London and we riffed on the realities of statins, versus fixing the root causes 🙂  His new book here is perfect for the layperson and doctors too – clears it all up! Available now on Amazon and many other sources: On the GG front, links below to take advantage

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Don't be Fooled by the CAC Critics: Facts Bulletin to get Things Straight

Don’t be Fooled by the CAC Critics: Facts Bulletin to get Things Straight

A lot of misleading articles appear relating to CAC value. This is the latest offender, obfuscating to take the “right to know” away from the individual: Myself and Dr. Jeff Gerber’s riposte here in PDF form:   20191219 Mandrola Article Response And here is my brief response in video form: And read the latest (sensible,

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Daily Bites - Prof Noakes on Cholesterol, Cardiology and Your Liver

Fat Emperor Daily Bites – Prof Tim Noakes on Cholesterol, Cardiology and Your Liver

Please support these free podcasts by subscribing (for free) at (Note that all podcasts can be downloaded for offline listening here: Another Daily Bite: a clip from Iceland FoodLoose Conference interview. Prof Noakes and I had a detailed chat about the scourge of diabetes, root causes and much else. Here Tim briefly summarizes

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