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Ep115 – Optimising Health with a Novel MeatRX approach

Detailed chat with Stephen Thomas on the optimum diet to reverse diabetes, autoimmune and many other conditions – he’s achieving stunning success with his clients – you can too…! Find Stephen here and at his more technically detailed site here:  My new offer from New Zealand friend Warren Matthews here – just use

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Ep54_2 PART TWO of Should you get a Calcium Scan - The Big Debate - Kendrick Murray Cummins

Ep54_2 PART TWO of “Should you get a Calcium Scan???” – The Big Debate – Kendrick Murray Cummins

And now for the detailed PART TWO of the definitive discussion/debate on CAC value with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, GP – and Dr. Scott Murray, Cardiologist. Note again that this is PART TWO which covers the detailed technical discussions on each point raised by Malcolm’s blog post last month ( – Part One of the debate,

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Ep53 Nadia Pateguana ND - Insulin PCOS and Fertility Resolution Explained

Ep53 Dr Nadia Pateguana ND – Insulin PCOS and Fertility Resolution Explained

Happy Monday! And today we have a riveting discussion with Dr. Nadia Petaguana ND – on women’s issues with PCOS and infertility challenges. Did you know that the vast majority of these issues were driven by something that is VERY addressable? Nadia here reveals the reality! Get her super book with full details here:

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Don't be Fooled by the CAC Critics: Facts Bulletin to get Things Straight

Don’t be Fooled by the CAC Critics: Facts Bulletin to get Things Straight

A lot of misleading articles appear relating to CAC value. This is the latest offender, obfuscating to take the “right to know” away from the individual: Myself and Dr. Jeff Gerber’s riposte here in PDF form:   20191219 Mandrola Article Response And here is my brief response in video form: And read the latest (sensible,

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Fat Emperor Update

Fat Emperor Update – Subscriber Newsletter on the Way

Hey all Finally getting to starting up a weekly newsletter before end of October; it’s been on the cards for some time, but too busy and all that stuff! There is an interesting adverse situation developing in 2019, with search engine algorithms and social media giants de-rating unorthodox viewpoints in medicine and nutrition. This strategy

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A MUST-READ Article – for all Doctors, Medical Students and Laypeople!

One of the best articles I’ve read on our Type 2 Diabetes epidemic – and the by now obvious solution. Click below – it has it all!     Back from the brink: How I reversed my diabetes — OPINION: As a slimmish, fittish, 60-ish, white male, I wasn’t prepared for the appointment that

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